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Rules of Use

Post by Admina on Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:43 pm

1. Thou shalt not advertise.
No advertising is allowed on this forum, whether it is for-profit or not-for-profit, in posts, chat, or direct messages for any other sites or services.  Discussion involving suggestions, recommendations, and critical evaluations about other entities, brands, and services is fine, but your posting behavior should not cross our (subjectively drawn) line into propagandist promotion or defamation of entities/interests significant to you.  See Rules 11 & 12.

Thou shalt not use this site’s content without the owner’s explicit permission.
All content on this site is the property of LIScomm and is protected by U.S. Copyright Laws. Site content is not to be downloaded and redistributed or reproduced in any way without the written permission of the site owner (Admina).  However, feel free to link back to our site and discussion content outside the forum!

Thou shalt not create duplicate accounts.
Members can only have one member account at LIScomm –no dupes or sockpuppets.  Violators will be banned.  For privacy reasons, we strongly advise that members register with an unshared email address.  NOTE: If you and a household member (sharing the same external IP) intend to be registered members and/or share an email address, please notify

3b. If you require a username change, please contact Admina directly and state your reason, and a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. Name changes will not be made after 90 days of creation barring urgent circumstances.  Members should know that Admina will not grant username changes so that you can escape the consequences of your posting behavior.

Thou shalt not engage in repeatedly provocative, bullying, hostile, or trolling behavior.
It's understandable that we all have strong feelings about some topics and discussion may become heated at times, but keep things civil.  This is not to say that criticism and passionate discourse are prohibited, it is in fact necessary to a forum supporting the free and open exchange of ideas, but understand that there is a line to tread between venting and libel, topical disagreement and sustained harassment.  Flaming, insults, and personal attacks between members are not welcome anywhere on this forum.  It is the member's responsibility to tread that line wisely or we will insist upon it (
thou shalt be warned or banned).

Thou shalt not post spam, engage in spamming, or derail with inappropriate fluff.
Classic spam (bots, ads, junk) is always a no-no.  Nonsense posts, especially those that derail legitimate discussion are unwelcome, including repetitive posting and linking.  It may be well-meaning, but it can also be passive-aggressive trolling.  Just keep fluff-posting relevant to the discussion or in an appropriate, low-key discussion area.  

Thou shalt not post or link to pornography.
Pornography is not acceptable anywhere on this site, so do not share or link to any pornographic material.

7b. Nudity is acceptable under limited circumstances (i.e. art) in a relevant discussion, but do not abuse our leeway and post nude imagery willy-nilly on the site.  Nudity will not be tolerated in repeatable elements at all, such as, but not limited to, signatures, profile descriptions, avatars etc.

"Personally, I'm not offended by a Toulouse nude as your avatar, but the administrative headache of complaints regarding boundary-pushing agent provocateurs is not worth our unpaid time given the Mission of the site.  I am willing to revisit this discussion if art-lovers feel unfairly constrained in discussion & representation." - Admina

Thou shalt not repeatedly invoke expletives.
We are not an age-restricted forum, however, please refrain from using excessive profanity or vulgarity.  We will not drop a ban on someone without warning for a well-timed "sh*t!" or mild sexual innuendo.  (Also, we have some automatic filtering.)  We know this community will likely be populated by adults, but gritty expletives may cultivate an environment that is not conducive to its growth and detracts from the focus of the community.  We reserve the right to discipline someone who insists on foul communications.

8b. Profanity and vulgarity will not be tolerated under any circumstances in repeatable elements, such as but not limited to, usernames, signatures, profile descriptions, avatars etc.

Thou shalt not repeatedly post in all capital letters.
TYPING IN ALL CAPS!!! is the text equivalent of screaming and is very rude.  Please do not do this.  It has its place in a discussion for emphasis, but use this leeway judiciously.

Thou shalt not infringe on copyright.
Do not post full articles and content from other authors and websites with or without the permission of the content's owner, even with correct attribution. If such an event occurs, the individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible. LIScomm shall not be held responsible for member-posted information that may violate copyright law.

Consider Fair Use provisions when you quote portions of someone else's work for the sake of discussion.  If you are not sure if you can share something, then err on the side of caution and simply post a link to the material or summarize/paraphrase.  Always give credit to the creator of external content to the best of your ability.

Thou shalt not harass, sexually harass, or stalk.
There is zero tolerance for harassment, sexual harassment, or stalking.  Threatening or abusive behavior will not be tolerated anywhere on this forum, including public and private messages.  Please report this kind of behavior to Admina immediately.

Please know that criticism alone does not qualify as harassment, but sustained, irrelevant, and unprovoked criticism does (i.e. a fellow member follows you around unrelated forum channels to argue and instigate conflict).

Also, a warning on edgy humor; it is something we're all familiar with and probably even engage in, but text notoriously fails to communicate tone and intent.  If readers or recipients are disturbed by your directed "humor," your good status here will be at their mercy, so proceed with mean-spirited humor and biting sarcasm at your own risk.

Thou shalt not bully, intimidate, suppress discussion, or foment unrest without merit.
LIScomm will not allow members to use this forum as a means to
bully, intimidate, suppress discussion, or foment unrest; most especially where their organization, association, institution, publisher, vendor, brand, project, website, public figure, private or public entity's interests are served.

If users are found to be representing themselves in a formal, authoritative, or collective capacity, rather than in an individual capacity, they will be banned from this site as these actions are not in keeping with the spirit and Mission of this discussion forum.  Remember that this is a discussion forum for individuals, not a battlefield for competing brands or businesses.

LIScomm has not been established to further any private or public entity's interests & agendas –with the obvious exception of every individual member's desire to learn, teach, discuss, debate, critique, and collaborate, which are considered worthy and substantial contributions to the health and growth of this community.  Members in observable positions of privilege outside the forum are welcome at LIScomm, but must engage this forum and its members as a fellow member and individual.  You are free to advocate or denigrate ideas, opinions, services, reputations, practices etc., but if your pattern of posting reveals that your presence here is primarily to heft influence over discussions related to your immediate personal & professional interests outside of this forum,
thou shalt be banned.

Thou shalt not inappropriately solicit.
We are in an information-cum-helping profession and this site is dedicated to connecting us to each other and our ideas.  Some of you may have volunteer spots that need filling, projects that need collaborating; and you hope there's a great candidate on LIScomm.  That's cool, we get that.  But we do have to balance your individual needs with the primary purpose of this forum.

That said, the
Making Connections channel will be the only exception to the No Solicitation Rule, which will be enforced EVERYWHERE else on this forum.  --This does not mean that you get to Advertise (see Rule 1) or violate any other standards of conduct here.  You cannot spam your need or request (see Rule 6) within the Making Connections channel with repeat posting, linking, or thread-creation.  Please use this leeway judiciously so that everyone has a productive experience at LIScomm.

LIScomm reserves the right to alter the
Mission Statement and Guidelines, and Rules of Use at any time.

--Admina, Your Ruthless Reader--

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