A Conference Program on Imposter Syndrome, wage inequality, and wage theft

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A Conference Program on Imposter Syndrome, wage inequality, and wage theft

Post by arkay on Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:19 pm

So I pitched an idea last night to a new round table leader in my professional association dedicated to library support staff, and she pitched it to the planning committee this morning, and they liked it.  It was a bit of a last hurrah and it only occurred to me at the 11th hour (literally), but now that they've decided they like this one... the one we've had the least opportunity to discuss amongst ourselves (ooooof course), we will have to find someone or ones that are knowledgeable on these topics and may be willing to speak on it a year from now.

I'm mostly looking for speaker suggestions or subject resources that might lead me to possible speakers.  I know I've got a year to help the RT leader with this, but since it was my idea, I want to be very proactive and make sure that it isn't a scramble 7 months from now since we have to declare speakers months in advance of the event.

I am hoping this forum can help me connect with someone who can make a suggestion!

I'll include my pitch blurb for the program below:

"Asserting Your Worth"
WHAT? Guest speakers discuss the statistics, effects, and (counter-) strategies regarding Impostor Syndrome, wage inequality, and wage theft that disproportionately affect women and minorities in libraries; including the importance of "equal pay for equal work" at all levels of library employment... Learn how to recognize and assert your value to your employer.

WHY? To improve the work environment and quality of life for library support staff; to support a diverse staff that is more reflective of the community, thus leading to improved patron service.

AUDIENCE? All levels of library employees.

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