ALA/ACRL #scholcomm listserv Controversy

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ALA/ACRL #scholcomm listserv Controversy

Post by Admina on Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:13 pm

Here is a link to the public archive of the listserv's activity: scholcomm - ACRL Scholarly Communication.

Tweets using scholcomm + listserv have jumped since March 24th.  (Also, a survey has been proposed by a Twitter user here on improving the scholcomm listserv.)

Would love to hear from reading subscribers, listserv participants, or just secondary lurkers like myself.  What are your thoughts on the listserv's communications, both the tone and content?  Was this breakdown an aberration or typical of the listserv's dynamics?  What is the purpose of the listserv?  Is there a vocal segment of subscribers that discourage participation?  Please share your valuable experiences and thoughts!

--Admina, Your Ruthless Reader--

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