Library Robot Coming to Welsh University

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Library Robot Coming to Welsh University

Post by Admina on Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:58 am

Ian Chant @ Library Journal wrote:Developed by a team of Aberystwyth students, a prototype of the robot, named Hugh, made its debut this February at BCS Show and Tell, a gathering of technologists from around the region. The robot is designed to listen to spoken requests from students, parse them by applying its artificial intelligence to the catalog, and then guide them to the title they need.

Hugh is designed to exhibit what’s called “narrow artificial intelligence”—in other words, being very good at a restricted range of tasks. Similar robots could one day make themselves useful in various settings, carrying out specialized duties. If the library version of Hugh is a success, plans are in place to continue development on a second iteration for use in hospitals and other medical settings.

The entire story.

Who wants to kick off the Luddite bonfire? j/k

Any predictions on this technology?  Inevitable for the future or another shiny, sparkly tech sideshow that will fizzle out?

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