Mission, D&I Statement, and Supporting Guidelines

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Mission, D&I Statement, and Supporting Guidelines

Post by Admina on Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:08 am

The purpose of this forum is to facilitate the free and open exchange of ideas and critical discourse for individuals within or adjacent to the LIS profession.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement
LIScomm welcomes members of any race, culture, nationality, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, political/ideological/philosophical position, lifestyle or (ir)religion. 

Supporting Guidelines

Member Privacy
Because many LIScomm members occupy positions within organizations, associations, and institutions, they may choose, or not, to disclose their identity or professional associations during the course of their membership here for their own reasons. This decision is entirely at the members' discretion, however, members are warned that this is a publicly viewable site and that they should conduct their activities accordingly.  LIScomm does not prohibit, but does not advise, that members use personally identifying information in their usernames, posts, or profiles.

Note: All click-vote results in forum polls are anonymized.

No Sacred Cows
Be aware that while members may choose to disclose their identities and/or associations, their titles/authority/representations will not be given privilege at LIScomm.  While individuals are welcomed and encouraged to champion or criticize their ideas and entities of choice, they must understand that LIScomm is not, and will not be, the mouthpiece or soapbox for any single organization, association, institution, publisher, vendor, brand, project, website, public figure, private or public entity.  Doing so would be antithetical to remaining an online discussion community that encourages the free and open exchange of ideas for individuals within or adjacent to the LIS profession.

Please read the Rules of Use.

LIScomm reserves the right to alter the Mission Statement, Diversity & Inclusion Statement, Supporting Guidelines, and Rules of Use at any time.

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